What is the BizOMadness Blog?

This blog is devoted to raising critical awareness of psychiatry generally. It is likewise devoted to the antipsychiatry research projects, publications, and related activities of Dr. Bonnie Burstow. Especially foregrounded are The Psychiatry Project, The Madness Project, and "Psychiatry and the Business of Madness". Related to one another, The Psychiatry Project and The Madness Project involve hundreds of interviews, a dozen focus groups, analysis of several hundred documents and their activation, and dedicated periods of institutional observation. The culmination of both as well as of decades of related interviews and activities is "Psychiatry and the Business of Madness" (timely updates on its publication will be provided)--a cutting edge book in which psychiatry is investigated from multiple angles and which begins to tackle the inevitable question: So if we get rid of psychiatry, where do we go from there?

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Selected Scholarly Articles by Burstow

 ECT as a Form of Violence Against Women
Electroshock: The Gentleman’s Way to Batter Women
Understanding and Ending ECT: A Feminist Imperative
 Les électrochocs: Une forme de violence contre les femmes
Report of the Psychiatric Drugs Panel
Progressive Psychotherapists and the Psychiatric Survivor Movement

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  1. I have read Dr. Burstow's articles on electroshock (ECT).
    These are important articles to read as Dr. Burstow has an in depth knowledge about ECT and how it harms people.